Harmonica Lessons in NYC


General Information:

For harmonica lessons in Manhattan, Brookyn and Queens:

I currently only teach weekly private lessons on chromatic harmonica and diatonic harmonica. I am one of the only harmonica players with a degree in harmonica from an accredited 4 year university. I have 20 years of experience as a teacher, and I teach both children and adults of all ages and experience levels.

Private lessons are 50 minutes long and tailored to each student's individual needs. Lessons include instructional materials and play along mp3s. Lessons are held at my studio in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn studio or via webcam (near the Church Ave B train or the Beverly Rd Q train); or I can travel to your home or office in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens.

A 10 hole C major diatonic harmonica or 16 hole C chromatic harmonica is required. You can find them at most music stores or online.

Contact me to schedule your first lesson.

Webcam Lessons

Webcam lessons are available using Skype or FaceTime. It works the same as in person lessons except that there is a very slight delay. So instead of playing together I will demonstrate by playing for you examples that are notated in a pdf and on your end you will play along with prerecorded mp3s of me playing playing harmonica and guitar as accompanyment. I will then offer instructions and suggestions of how you can improve.

Lesson Cost

The cost is $70 for a 50 minute private lesson in my Ditmas Park, Brooklyn studio or via webcam (near the Church Q and B trains), or $120 for a 50 minute lesson if I travel to you. At the moment I am only taking weekly students. Lesson payments and scheduling is done at the beginning of the month.

Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will be charged full lesson price. Frequent cancellations and rescheduling may result in loss of weekly time slot.

Once a lesson is cancelled it must be paid for by Paypal, Venmo or by a mailed check before another lesson can be scheduled. If a lesson is cancelled with more than 48 hours there will be no charge. No more than one every two months or 6 per year.

To begin your lessons contact me to confirm your weekly time slot. Then pay for your first month. Please confirm that you have read and understand my payment, scheduling and cancellation policy. Lessons cannot begin until your lessons are paid for and you have confirmed that you understand and agree to my policies.

Harmonica Lesson Electronic Payment



Sample 12 Week Syllabus for Beginner Diatonic Harmonica

Week 1
Holding the Harmonica
Single Notes and Embouchure
Tone Production and Breathing
Major Scale
Basic Improvisation
Song: Duke's Place
2nd Position intro
Week 2
Song: Hoochie Coochie Man riff
Intro to Bending
Focus - 3 draw half step bend
Song: Mannish Boy
Hand vibrato
Week 3
Basic Blues Improv
Song: Can't Be Satisfied
Scale degrees
Roots for I, IV, V Chords
12 bar Blues Structure
Song: Evil
Week 4
Focus - 4 draw bend
Song: I Need My Baby
Quick IV Change
Week 5
Focus - 2 draw whole step bend
Song: Low Rider
Throat Vibrato
Week 6
Blues Scale
Song: Baby Please Don't Go
Leggato Vs. Sattacato
Roots in 2nd Octave
Week 7
Blues Scale extended
Different Song Forms
Song: Corinna, Corinna
Week 8
Tongue Blocking
Song: Rainin' In My Heart
Upper Register
Week 9
Focus - 3 Draw whole step bend
Song: When The Saints
Country Scale
Week 10
Focus - cahnging from 3 Draw whole step to half bend
Song: Off The Wall
Country Scale Extended
Week 11
Blow Bends
Song: Caldonia
Minor Blues
Keying Songs
Week 12
Patern Based Playing
Arrpegios Scale Patterns
3 Octave Major Scales
3rd Position
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